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Global Warming Solutions
Each Of Us Can Make A Difference
 The Global Warming Warrior®  Program

  Created by Nancy L. Steinmeyer

A solution driven program that informs and inspires grade school age children to become Global Warming Warriors® (GWW) who take steps to save our planet by conserving energy and natural resources and to inspire them to encourage others to do the same. 


·       Teach students to conserve energy while showing how each of their small conserving contributions add up to make an important impact on the entire planet, “Each Of Us Can Make A Difference.”

·        Include each child’s parents by providing take home materials and the challenge to help their child earn a badge by reading energy saving tips and signing the pledge to the planet.  For children who do not have that level of support at home any adult or teacher can support them for earning their badges.

Program Elements:

  1. Short Story
  2. Badges
  3. Save the Planet Guide
  4. Glo*Ball Impact (board game)


Short Story:
Global Warming Warriors®, Each Of Us Can Make A Difference
Materials for 3rd - 6th grades

What You Get:   Storybook (also available in Spanish)

  1. Short Booklet (32 pages) titled Global Warming Warriors, Each of Us Can Make A Difference

  2. 2 badges

  3. (with 10 or more storybooks) A teaching out-line, and a set of review questions for the story

Each student receives a copy of the story to keep and take home.



The storybook Global Warming Warriors, Each of Us Can Take A Difference is divided into 6 parts

Page 4 – 7 provides a brief and simple explanation of Global Warming

Page 8 – 22 the story  (description below)

Page 23 – Explanation of how each reader can earn the first Global Warming Warriors badges    (Badges are 2-1/4 inch metal back pin buttons)

Page 23- 30 – additional eight tips to help conserve energy

Page 31 – A Pledge to Our Planet - the final step to earning the 1st badge

Page 32 – eight actions that can earn the reader a second badge 2nd badge, "Each Of Us Can Make a Difference"

A Pledge To Our Planet:

A Global Warming Warrior understands that Each Of Us Can Make A Difference.  He or she takes personal responsibility for conserving the energy they use, and when the opportunity arises, A Global Warming Warrior informs others of ways that they too can conserve energy.  He recognizes that on our planet these small changes really matter.


To Earn Badges:

The first Global Warming Warrior badge is earned by reviewing with an adult the eight additional energy saving tips included after the story (page 23 – 30) and then agreeing to and signing (both) the pledge to the planet.

To earn the second Each of Us Can Make A Difference badge. Students are asked to complete and check off at least five of the eight energy saving tasks on page 32.


The Story:

A brief description of Global Warming Warriors, Each of Us Can Make A Difference.  The story which is rich with original illustrations is about three kids, two 4th graders and a 6th grader.  In school that day Molly, had learned about global warming.  She convinces her friends Darron and Maria to become Global Warming Warriors and fight global warming in their own neighborhood. While walking around they discovered Mrs. Leaky over-watering her lawn while her faucet is badly leaking.  Then they run into Mrs. Running-Car sitting out side her house idling her SUV while waiting for her children.  Finally they are unlighted by Mr. Onlight’s always beaming porch light.  After successfully changing the behaviors of each wasting grownup they vowed to continue their fight as Global Warming Warriors.

Global Warming Warriors, Each of Us Can Make A Difference  Price List


Number of books

Price per book Shipping and handling Both badges are included with each book
1001 1-10 $4.75 $2.50   Yes!
1002 11- 30 $4.35 $4.50   Yes!
1003 31 – 50 $4.00 $5.50   Yes!
1004 51- 100 $3.50 $10.00   Yes!
1005 101- 250 $3.00 $20.00   Yes!
1006 251 up $2.50 $40.00   Yes!
Tax exempt groups:  Purchase now Non-tax-exempt groups:  Purchase now

Save the Planet Guide
for Junior Global Warming Warriors (Available in Spanish)

Materials for 1st & 2nd grades

What You Get:   

  1. Save The Planet Guide (also available in Spanish)

  2. 2 badges

  3. (with 10 or more Guides) A teaching out-line  and ward schedule is included.

Each should have their own copy of the guide  to keep and take home.



Save the Planet Guide.  A simple and fun guide to remind younger kids of the easy energy conservation things they can do to help Save The Planet.  They get to earn badges too!
 Save The Planet Guide is printed in color front and back on card stock and then folded in half. 

Here is an example of one of the ten simple tips or reminders to conserve energy.  Combining words with pictures is designed to support and enhance the skills of young readers besides they are just plain fun.

After reviewing this material in class students are asked to reread the information with an adult and then both take the pledge to the planet.   This is how the 1st Junior Global Warming Warrior badge is earned.   The challenge of how to earn the second badge is clearly explained on the back of the Save The Planet Guide.  Students are required to make some actual changes in their behaviors to earn badge two.

Save the Planet Guide Price List


Number of books

Price per book Shipping and handling Both badges are included with each book
2001 1-100 $2.50 $6.00   Yes!
2002 101-250 $2.00 $10.00   Yes!
2003 251 up $1.75 $25.00   Yes!
Tax exempt groups:  Purchase now Non-tax-exempt groups:  Purchase now

Glo*Ball Impact™
A Strategic Global Warming Board Game
Board Game  for 4th - 12th grade

What You Get:   

1 copy of the board game Glo*Ball Impact includes rules and a Quick Start Guide.

4 or more games include a teaching outline and additional suggestions for other related activities.



Glo*Ball Impact is a strategy game that emphasizes how human behaviors have a direct effect on the Earth’s environment (cause and effect).  The game creates polluting and energy saving opportunities producing cause and effect environmental situations.  Additionally, the game employs strategy, teamwork, global warming facts and more importantly global warming solutions emphasizing that Each Of Us Can Make A Difference.

Glo*Ball Impact is played by three to four players on a board with an image of the Earth as seen from space.  The board is divided into 36 Earth squares.  Players get game tiles representing energy saving opportunities and game tiles representing polluting opportunities.

During the game players can block each other or help each other.  Cooperation is often necessary to win.  Just as in real life, to win we need to work together.  Players cannot win by playing only the polluting tiles.  No one wins if we continue to pollute the Earth.

In addition to strategy the game includes reading.  During the course of play participants will be directed to pick up and read out loud an “Impact Card” or an “Action Card”.  These cards include global warming facts and global warming tips for saving the planet.

Each Impact Card contains a fact about global warming.  An example:  DID YOU KNOW? Warmer summers increase greenhouse gas pollution, because of heavy air conditioning use.  Each Action Card contains a tip to help us save the planet.  For example: YOU CAN HELP!  In winter, keep your thermostat cooler at night or when the house is empty.

Price: $50 per game plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes.
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